Email encryption for desktops and laptops

Sending information by email remains the most popular and convenient way to share files. However, allowing unprotected data to flow freely presents a significant business risk. Exposure to unauthorised recipients can result in financial loss and damaged reputations.

Egress Switch offers a combination of policy based or gateway based email encryption tailored to meet your business requirements. Whether you need to encrypt all email sent between your organisation and your business partners or you need to protect specific email content such as social security numbers, key words, or credit card numbers. Simply drag and drop the files you want to share into an email, set time and date restrictions to remain in complete control, and click send. It's really that easy!

Protection that follows the data

Securing sensitive information sent by email does not need to be complicated and over architected. Protecting confidential information from being mishandled is actually very easy to implement using technology that enables security policy to follow the data – wherever it resides.

Using Egress Switch you can be certain that only authorised individuals access your data – even after it's left your physical control. Put a stop once and for all to information being forwarded to unintended recipients.

Email encryption features

  • Encrypt email message body and attachments with AES 256 bit encryption
  • MS Outlook Addin simplifies message sending (XP,2003,2007,2010)
  • Real-time access controls for email & attachments
  • Time based access restrictions
  • Secure delivery reports
  • Policy engine enforces the required level of security based on email content, size and recipient(s)
  • Fully customisable user interface
  • Supports all email clients including webmail and MS Outlook Web Access

Email encryption benefits

  • Secure sensitive email messages and attachments
  • Simplifies secure collaboration
  • Streamline existing business processes
  • Prevent data loss via email
  • Ensure only authorised recipients can access secure information
  • Manage time sensitive information in real-time and enforce data embargo
  • Audit disclaimer acceptance and satisfy compliance laws
  • Simple end user experience
  • Free of charge for recipients to send and receive encrypted data

A secure window in time

Need to send out information ahead of time, but don’t want your recipients to access the information until a later date? This is a common business situation in cases such as distributing press releases, financial results, or even confidential public reports. Traditional email encryption will protect the email in transit but not satisfy the need to embargo restricted information until a secure window in time.

The answer is simple; by implementing protection that follows the data, you set time and date restrictions in real-time – staying in complete control over shared information.

Real-time auditing

View audit events in real-time, including geographic location of where and when your information is being accessed. Remain in complete control over shared information and manage access to sensitive data without having to redistribute your data. Don't allow confidential information to fall into the wrong hands.

More than simple email encryption

Egress Switch enables large Enterprise or professional individuals to share information securely without the need for complicated infrastructure. Secure your email using our integrated MS Outlook add-in or protect large files uploaded to FTP(s) or SharePoint sites. Switch even supports transparent CD/DVD encryption for information sent in the mail.


Customer Quote

"Egress Switch is particularly feature rich and provides innovative facilities that no other product in the market currently offers. A number of security requirements have now been addressed using Egress Switch that have already produced savings within the States of Guernsey Government"

Information Security Officer
The States of Guernsey

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